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Membership Submission Form
Are you based in Saudi Arabia?
Are you willing to make angels investment with Riyadh’s Angels?
Do you have any previous Angel investment experience?
Note; It is an individual's direct investment from his/her own personal fund in a private tech company, usually during its early stages, in exchange for a share of its ownership.

The following types of investments are not classified as Angel Investment:
  • Investing in traditional or non-innovative startups.
  • Investing through an intermediary (such as crowdfunding platforms or through funds) - Investing in other people’s money - Investing in listed companies
  • Buying shares in companies through the secondary market.
Are you a member in any other Angel Investing Group?
Are you allowed to invest legally according to Saudi laws and regulations (a natural legal person who can engage in investment activities legally)?
How much are you planing to invest in startups every year?
What is your risk tolerance?
Have you had any exit?